Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Cramer's lightning round: Tupperware Brands stock was 'so mispriced'

Fleetcor Technologies: "There have been some people saying some negative things about Fleetcor, saying that it doesn't have the growth that it used to. I am concerned, myself. The stock getting a nice run today," but "consider me shaky on Fleetcor."

Opko Health: "You know that Opko Health is BioReference Labs, and it's had a very big move and then it pulled back" and "I think the pullback is one that refreshes because they are a great company when it comes to Covid testing."

Tupperware Brands: "That stock was so mispriced. That was ridiculous. ... You're going to take out four times your cost basis, OK? Take out $4, they'll never be able to take away your gain, and then let it run."

Eventbrite: "At this point, you're betting on a vaccine ... I would not sell at this point. I would just own it."

Axcelis Technologies: "I like it."

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