Piers Morgan to Trump: Don’t Be ‘Cowardly’ — Do GOP Primary Debate

Guest host Piers Morgan said Tuesday on “Fox News Tonight” that former President Donald Trump should participate in the Republican primary debates.

Former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said, “The more people who run, the more competition, the better for Donald Trump. The more competition on the Democratic side the worse for Joe Biden. Trump loves competition. I think he should show up to the debate.”

Piers Morgan said, “So do I.”

Conway said, “I know why he wouldn’t, he’s way ahead. He’s got very little to gain, but why stay at home and watch them all talk about you?”

Morgan said, “Donald Trump is many things. But in all the time I’ve known him, I’ve never known him to duck a challenge or be a coward. So, if you’re watching, Donald, come on.”

Conway said, “He’s not being a coward at all. He’s being a frontrunner.”

Morgan said, “No. It’s cowardly. Get on that stage and show us what you’re made of. If you want to be president again, you gotta come out and face the debate music. Haven’t you? Come on, Donald. You know you want to secretly.”

Morgan added, “He remains the biggest star out there, but he has to turn up. Otherwise, your star can quickly wane.”

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Authored by Pam Key via Breitbart July 11th 2023