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Steph Curry on Anthem: ‘I’ll Most Likely Stand’

Steph Curry plans to stand for the national anthem but stand by Colin Kaepernick.

“I’ll most likely stand,” Curry noted at a TechCrunch conference in San Francisco. “If you follow the way he talks and the message he’s trying to send with his act, from his mouth he’s not disrespecting veterans. He’s not disrespecting the military. That’s not his intention. He’s obviously continued the act to create the conversation for more social justice and things of that nature.”

Kaepernick, along with teammate Eric Reid, took a knee for the national anthem on Monday Night Football. When he saw action late in the blowout over the Los Angeles Rams, the Levi’s Stadium faithful booed the backup. Kaepernick’s fellow Bay Area sports star says he supports the quarterback. He also says he supports Hillary Clinton.

Steph Curry asked Hillary or Trump? Curry: “Hillary”

— Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) September 14, 2016

“So, I’ve been a part of certain conversations off the grid, and finding different ways to make our community better, especially for African Americans,” the guard explained. “And so, that’s not the way that I would do it, but I support him in his attempt to start a conversation or continue the conversation or try to better a terrible situation.”

After Curry’s Warriors lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, the reigning NBA MVP won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics. The Golden State Warriors open up their season traveling to Toronto to face the Raptors on October 1. Three days later, fans in Oakland receive the Steph Curry bobblehead when the Warriors take on the Los Angeles Clippers in the home opener.

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