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***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Mount Rushmore Independence Day Celebration

President Donald Trump will hold an Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore on Friday evening.

A fireworks show will follow Trump’s remarks.

Trump and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) have been ripped for not requiring masks and social distancing at the event. Activists are also protesting the existence of Mount Rushmore, saying it was built on stolen land by a KKK sympathizer, and warning that the fireworks show (the first since 2009) could cause wildfires.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

9:45 PM: At the top of the hour, Trump is expected to deliver remarks that “will tell the truth about America’s history” and go after the “left-wing mob.” Trump has landed at Mount Rushmore.

@realDonaldTrump⁩ arriving at #MtRushmore now on Marine One.

— Robert C. O'Brien (@robertcobrien) July 4, 2020

Marine One and escort do fly-by Mount Rushmore en route to Landing Zone for tonight's fireworks event.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) July 4, 2020

Trump AF-1 flyover at Mt. Rushmore

— joe johns (@joejohnscnn) July 4, 2020

@realDonaldTrump has landed

— Lee Strubinger (@LeeSDPB) July 4, 2020

Pres. Trump is almost in South Dakota — but first a flyover from Air Force One

— Gabrielle Ake (@gabrielle_ake) July 4, 2020

It’s a packed house out here — at least on the lower deck area

— Gabrielle Ake (@gabrielle_ake) July 3, 2020

Though tonight's fireworks at Mt Rushmore is drawing criticism from those fearing damage to surrounding forests and the monument itself, Pres Trump says "Mt. Rushmore's in great shape and it's gonna be in great shape for centuries to come." Says he's looking forward to the event.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) July 3, 2020

— Lee Strubinger (@LeeSDPB) July 3, 2020

@govkristinoem awaits the arrival of Air Force One at Ellsworth.

— SDPB News (@SDPBNews) July 4, 2020

Protests before Trump arrival:

I’m walking back through Keystone and people are lined up on the side of the road. They’re cheering as law enforcement vehicles leaving the protest drive by.

— Arielle Zionts (@Ajzionts) July 4, 2020

Arrests are beginning.

We are reporting #live where #Indigenous activists have been asserting their land rights under the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty, blocking the road to #MountRushmore before a scheduled Trump/Pence rally there.

— Unicorn Riot (@UR_Ninja) July 4, 2020

Law enforcement from several agencies are trying to clear the roadway in Keystone. People Re being warned that tear gas is imminent.

— Kent Bush (@Kentbush) July 3, 2020

The vehicles are being towed. I personallly witnessed one PCSO deputy pepper spray protesters. Another reporter said she saw 3-4 deputies do it. 10+ protesters got sprayed and had to wash their eyes out.

— Arielle Zionts (@Ajzionts) July 4, 2020

National Guard moved past van blockade and now there is one group of protestors with a line of military on either side

— Erin Bormett (@EEBormett) July 4, 2020

Protestors had moved off the road and into the hill to get away frm the line of national guard. I can see at least two armed and armored national guardsmen have appeared above them on the hill

— Erin Bormett (@EEBormett) July 3, 2020

Protestors remaining that did not retreat to the hills, etc

— Erin Bormett (@EEBormett) July 3, 2020

Indigenous protesters at Mount Rushmore (sacred Lakota land) have removed the tires from the large white vans in the background, creating a road block that will be very difficult to move.

🎥: @EEBormett

— Joshua Potash (@JoshuaPotash) July 3, 2020

The National Guard is here

— Erin Bormett (@EEBormett) July 3, 2020

— Arielle Zionts (@Ajzionts) July 3, 2020

An Indigenous protester yells “go home you immigrant” at a car driving by on its way to Mount Rushmore.

— Arielle Zionts (@Ajzionts) July 3, 2020

A large protest has gathered at the roadblock in front of the path up to Mount Rushmore.

— Erin Bormett (@EEBormett) July 3, 2020

My view at the protest. I was on the inside of the police line but was told to back up several times. Most media seems to be out with me, some people with cameras are still inside the police line.

— Erin Bormett (@EEBormett) July 3, 2020

Indigenous protesters have blocked the road leading to tonight’s Trump event at so-called Mount Rushmore (a sacred Lakota site in the Black Hills)

— Unicorn Riot (@UR_Ninja) July 3, 2020

#LIVE Keystone, South Dakota: #Indigenous Activists Assert Right to Unceded Land At Anti-Trump Protest

— Unicorn Riot (@UR_Ninja) July 3, 2020

A more intensive vehicle blockade has also gone up, blocking the road to Trump’s event in South Dakota. Indigenous people gathered here are invoking their unceded rights to the land – police preparing to make arrests.

We’re live:

— Unicorn Riot (@UR_Ninja) July 3, 2020

Image: vehicles, #Indigenous demonstrators block the road. A sign reads, "You Are On Stolen Land"

Our field correspondent reporting state troopers have given 1 verbal warning so far. Officers have metal handcuffs.

Many #Trump supporters are waiting to get through the roadblock.

— Unicorn Riot (@UR_Ninja) July 3, 2020

Lower camera. Raise standards. Having a super spreader event at Mount Rushmore is irresponsible. 0/10

— Room Rater (@ratemyskyperoom) July 4, 2020

As we discussed, masks are good.

— Rep. Dusty Johnson (@RepDustyJohnson) July 3, 2020

Getting tested for COVID-19 at Mount Rushmore in advance of the President’s arrival.

— Rep. Dusty Johnson (@RepDustyJohnson) July 3, 2020

In case of an emergency, like a fire or a storm or anything that would cause people to quickly move out, the ties ensure that the chairs will not be easily knocked over or fly into egress paths. Additionally, the tied chairs then cannot be used as a weapon, per the official.

— Betsy Klein (@betsy_klein) July 3, 2020

Umbrellas allowed?

An umbrella sounds nice right about now. ☀️

— Kelli Volk (@KELOKelliVolk) July 3, 2020

Crowd size has grown.

— Kelli Volk (@KELOKelliVolk) July 3, 2020

Tribal Leaders Want Mount Rushmore Removed:

Trump's Mount Rushmore fireworks show is a Fourth of July attack on Indigenous people, writes Nick Tilsen.

Mount Rushmore is a racist and colonialist symbol that was carved into land brazenly stolen from my ancestors.

— NBC News THINK (@NBCNewsTHINK) July 3, 2020

Oglala Sioux Tribe Pres. Julian Bear Runner says President Trump's planned fireworks display at Mount Rushmore before Independence Day is "not just a threat to my people, but it's a threat to the land and it's a threat to mankind," due to COVID-19.

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) July 3, 2020

Oglala Lakota tribe member Nick Tilsen says Mount Rushmore is a "symbol of white supremacy."

"When you carve out four white men who were colonizers, who committed genocides against indigenous people … and for that to be okay in society today is fundamentally wrong."

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) July 3, 2020

Julian Bear Runner, president of the Oglala Sioux tribal council: "The lands [Trump's] about to visit belong to the Great Sioux nation … and I have to tell him he doesn't have permission from its original sovereign owners to enter the territory."

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) July 3, 2020

Trump has no right to go on Sioux nation lands to Mount Rushmore. He should instead ensure First Nation indigenous people have what they need to fight COVID-19 & stop corporations from stealing & drilling on holy lands.

— Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II (@RevDrBarber) July 3, 2020

Lakota tribal leader calls for the removal of Mount Rushmore- a monument that is on Lakota land and was carved by Gutzon Borglum, a member of the Klu Klux Klan.

It's been powerful seeing racist memorials pulled down in towns around the states, but imagine taking it up a notch..

— dakota hanwi 🌙 (@dakotawint) July 1, 2020

Native tribal leaders are calling for the removal of Mount Rushmore

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) July 3, 2020

The man who sculpted Mount Rushmore, Gutzon Borglum, had ties to the KKK.

"He was on Klan councils. He met with them. He had lots of friends with them,” historian John Taliaferro says.

— Here & Now (@hereandnow) July 1, 2020

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