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Left-Wing Protesters Plan To Sabotage MILO Event At MSU

A left-wing activist group, “Which Side MSU?,” are organizing to prevent Breitbart Senior Editor MILO from speaking at Michigan State University.

Their Facebook event page, “Shut Down Milo: Abolish The Alt-Right,” was created by the Michigan student activism group and plans to stop Milo from speaking at the university on December 7th.

“Our intention is to ensure that Milo Yiannopoulos does not address his audience. Different tactics of varying risk level will be utilized to achieve this purpose. Wear all black, dress in layers, and bring hats, scarves, and bandanas.”

The Facebook page smears MILO as a white nationalist: “Young Americans for Liberty at MSU is hosting Milo Yiannopoulos at Michigan State, proposing that true freedom of speech includes his well known use of racist, sexist, and islamophobic hate speech targeted towards numerous members of our community. Our campus facilities and resources are being used to host and therefore legitimize a white nationalist.”

The event page further names the professor that advised the group that invited MILO. “The group that is bringing Milo was advised by the libertarian James Madison Professor Ross B. Emmett when they announced that they were bringing Milo to campus.”

MILO’s event is still set to take place on December 7th.

Protesters also showed up to MILO’s last event, at Miami University (Ohio). One in particular got more than he bargained for.

Lucas Nolan

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