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Army Deploys General Eisenhower D-Day Message for Army-Navy Game Video

Army brings out the big guns for its hype video just ahead of the next Army-Navy game by deploying WWII General Eisenhower’s D-Day message to energize players.

Mixing images of soldiers dressed the WWII era uniform of the 82nd Airborne — the All-American division — and video of Army football players on the field, the video is set to the recorded message Ike delivered as Allied forces prepared to storm the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944.

Army’s Black Knights need firing up for sure, as the team closes in on a 15-year losing streak if they lose again in Baltimore on December 10th, the longest losing streak of either side in the match up’s 126-year history. The last time Army bested Navy was back in 2001.

But with Army resurrecting Eisenhower to fire up players, one wonders what Navy might choose in response?

Maybe Navy could roll out Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, the man who shot bin Laden? Or perhaps Navy can break out it’s own WWII icons by deploying Admiral Chester Nimitz or Admiral “Bull” Halsey?

In any case, it is a sure lock that Army hopes more for Navy to emulate the USS Zumwalt, its newest high-tech warship that has a nasty habit of breaking down.

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