Hungary to Honour Scottish Missionary Who Died at Auschwitz

The BBC reports: A Scot who gave her life to help protect Jewish schoolgirls during World War Two is to be honoured in Hungary. Jane Haining, from Dunscore, worked at the Scottish Mission school in Budapest in the 1930s and 1940s.

She refused to take advice to return to her homeland, saying the children needed her in “days of darkness”, and ended up dying at Auschwitz. Ms Haining will be remembered at the March of the Living in Budapest to mark Hungary’s Holocaust Memorial Day.

The torchlight procession – expected to be attended by more than 10,000 people – is an annual event. This year it will commemorate the life and work of Ms Haining. It comes soon after the publication of a book which showed she had helped to save “many” Jews during World War Two.

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has been asked by the organisers to speak at the event and lead the march.

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Breitbart Jerusalem

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