Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Farage Urges Voters: 'Do Not Behave as Though We Have Been Defeated'

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has urged voters not to give up on the electoral process and disengage, but to punish the political establishment at the ballot box instead.

The LBC host and former UKIP supremo’s call to action was published by the Express following two launch events for his new party in Coventry and Birmingham, attended by Breitbart London.

“I know that many reading this will be sceptical, thinking their vote won’t make a difference,” wrote the veteran MEP.

“But without the decent people of our nation doing their democratic duty three years ago, we would not have won the EU referendum… Please do not behave as though we have been defeated,” he implored.

“Instead, remember that the 2016 result was just the first triumph. We must now finish the job and change politics in Britain for good.”

Farage: British Are 'Lions Led by Donkeys', Vows to 'Change Politics for Good' at Brexit Party Rally https://t.co/aF0Ap7q1cy

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) April 14, 2019

Farage observed that, while “the overwhelming majority of MPs agreed to enact Brexit” — with the Tories and Labour both committing to it in their 2017 election platforms — the fact remains that some “75 per cent of the House of Commons” is made up of people who voted against leaving the European Union.

“As time has gone on, this arrogant elite has stuck two fingers up at their own manifestos, lied to the electorate, and done everything possible to thwart the result,” he blasted.

They are now stone deaf to the promises which they made previously. Many are so out of touch it is as though they simply don’t care anymore.”

Remainer refuseniks must snap out of it… we must respect the result "Brexit means Brexit"

Anna Soubry, MP for Change UK (CUK)
July 23rd 2016


— Stop the EU (@Stop_The_EU) April 9, 2019

The MEP said that former Remain voters, as well as Leavers, should be “deeply alarmed” by the behaviour of the politicians occupying Parliament, who are increasingly acting in defiance of the election commitments from which they derive their democratic mandate.

“Even if they didn’t like the referendum result in 2016, they shouldn’t be comfortable about the way democracy has been turned on its head,” he warned, suggesting that they, too, should back the Brexit Party in May.

“A clear message must be sent on 23 May that people are not prepared to go on with this shattered order any longer. I believe the European election can be the vehicle for driving the fundamental change that is required in our politics,” he declared.

“It is just the start of the revolution for which Britain is crying out.”

WATCH | "I'm damned if after 25 years fighting for this, I'm going to roll over and allow these politicians to do this to us!" Barnstorming performance from @Nigel_Farage at today's @BrexitParty_UK event. pic.twitter.com/lNsFZBrwJp

— Leave.EU (@LeaveEUOfficial) April 13, 2019

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