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Arab Social Media Users Gloat Over Hillary Clinton’s Medical Episode

JAFFA, Israel – Arab social media users have shown little sympathy for Hillary Clinton in light of her very public medical episode during a memorial service for the September 11 attacks on Sunday.

Breitbart Jerusalem compiled a sampling of the Twitter reaction to Clinton’s health issues from across the Arab world.

“Why all the noise? It’s just a senile old lady,” one user replied to a tweet by an Al Arabiya network channel, Alhadath.

وش السالفه مجرد عجوز مخرفه

— شخص صادق (@LPlaI5OD8jDIfP1) September 11, 2016

“Electioneering,” was all Amir Alsaji wrote.

@AlHadath دعايه انتخابيه.

— امير الساجي (@ameer_alsaji) September 11, 2016

“She must be pregnant,” Usama wrote. “Congratulations, Hillary.”

@AlHadath اكيد#حامل مبروك هيلاري

— اسامه الشامي (@freeodm1) September 11, 2016

“Trump hit her and knocked her down, forcefully,” Rayoum wrote.

@AlHadath اعطاها واحده ترامب واسدحها ارض عينه قويه 😏

— ريوم الغامدي (@aryam87alghamdi) September 11, 2016

“Damn,” wrote Hady.

@AlHadath ف داهية

— Hady Salah (@hadysalahsalem) September 11, 2016

“With Allah’s help, it’s a stroke from which she won’t recover,” Saad wrote.

@AlHadath@AlArabiya جلطه ان شاء الله ماتقوم منها

— سعد البقمي (@saad_n911) September 11, 2016

Some, like Abdel Noor, were more gracious and wished her “strength and health.”

@AlHadath نتمنى لك الصحه والعافيه

— عبد النور نورالدين (@abdnoor12051) September 11, 2016

Fuad Alhashem said she was like a wrecked car. “She is in a terrible condition, she needs four new wheels and a paint job.”

هيلارى وضعها الصحى صعب وقد تحتاج"نص ماكينة واربع تايرات يديدة ودهن بريك"!!

— فؤاد الهاشم (@Fuad_Alhashem) September 12, 2016

“Maybe she contracted the Zika virus,” Waheeb wrote.

@cnnarabic يمكن أصابها فيروس زيكا

— وهيب الثعلب الجنوبي (@wlywhyb1) September 12, 2016

“I hope it’s a neurological disorder and she’ll end up paralyzed,” Momo wrote. “She created the Islamic State.”

@cnnarabic سلال يسلها صانعة داعش

— Momo Nass (@Alns69Momo) September 12, 2016

“She’s a very talented actress,” Hamad wrote. “She pretended not to be able to bear the pain of 11 September. She wants to be president and an actress.”

فيديو – لحظة مغادرة هيلاري كلينتون مراسم إحياء ذكرى 11سبتمبر بعد فقدانها الوعي

— الوطن الإلكترونية (@WatanNews) September 11, 2016

“A retarded woman,” Dr Ibrahim tweeted.

@AlArabiya امرأه شمطاء

— Green Life (@DrIbrahim993) September 12, 2016

“Is it the first nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid?” Mohammed Reefi tweeted. “I wish. I want Donald Trump.”

هل إغماء #هيلاري_كلنتون يضع المسمار الأول في نعش توليها الرئاسة #الأمريكية ؟
أتمنى ذلك
أريد #دونالد_ترامب

— Mohammed M Reefi (@M_Reefi) September 12, 2016

“It’s just a charade for her campaign,” Sayed wrote.

@nasserkahlifa تمثيل لزوم الانتخابات

— sayed aam (@say1116) September 12, 2016

Another wrote: “Why didn’t she faint when she saw the devastation in Muslim countries and the massacre of children and…”

@nasserkahlifa ليش ماأغمى عليها من شافت دمار ديار المسلمين وقطع جثث الأطفال و.و.و شقول وشأخلي 😡

— THE MANEJR (@Q8paradise50) September 12, 2016

“She would do anything to get elected: she’d faint, go berserk, cry and self-flagellate. Anything to get elected.”

@nasserkahlifa اي شي تبي منها الحين بتسوية للوصول للرئاسة ، إغماء او صرع او حتى لطم على الصدور ، أهم شي الكرسي

— الامل (@Boyusuf82) September 11, 2016

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