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Twitter Verifies Official Muslim Brotherhood Account

Twitter has verified the official account of the Muslim Brotherhood, after previously banning conservatives, celebrity Trump supporters, and a women’s rights group who criticized Saudi Arabia.

The account, which has over 140,000 followers, was given its blue verification badge just days after the platform announced a crackdown against “hate groups,” despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood previously supported a special tax for Jews and non-Muslims in exchange for “protection”.

The organization is also designated as a terrorist group in six countries, while they follow a Twitter account representing Hamas, a militant Islamic group that are also designated as a terrorist organization in numerous countries, including the United States.

In January, Twitter revoked Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ verification check, and later suspended his account altogether in July.

In February, numerous Trump-supporting conservative accounts were also suspended, followed by a women’s rights group (who had criticized Saudi Arabia), and rapper Azealia Banks, who had announced her support for Donald Trump shortly beforehand.

Verified accounts such as Lena Dunham, however, have frequently been able to express extreme views on the platform without sanction, with Dunham expressing her support for the “extinction of white men” on her account earlier this month.

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington or like his page at Facebook.

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