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Report: Radiohead To Perform In Israel This Summer

JERUSALEM – British band Radiohead will perform one show in Israel this summer, Channel 2 reported on Sunday.

An official announcement of the show has not yet been made and a date for the concert not yet announced.

Radiohead played three shows in Tel Aviv in 1993 when they were still a struggling band with only a single album under their belt.

“Creep,” the most famous song from their debut album, gained wide radio play in Israel and the country was one of the first places outside the UK where the band won recognition.

It was in Israel also that the band’s guitar player Jonny Greenwood met his future wife, Israeli artist Sharona Katan.

Some of Greenwood’s pieces – e.g., on the soundtrack to the film “Bodysong” – have titles with words in Hebrew. The couple’s three children all have Israeli names.

The band achieved global success with their following albums and its 1995 record OK Computer has been widely praised by critics and sold more than four million copies worldwide.

In the early 2000s, the band’s singer Thom Yorke started issuing solo albums in conjunction with the band continuing its work.

Greenwood branched out into film scoring and has become the house composer of esteemed director P.T. Anderson.

Radiohead issued their ninth studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool, in May 2016. The album was praised by critics, especially after their eighth album King of Limbs left critics and fans divided.

The upcoming summer tour is intended to promote their latest album.

Jack Tonhaben

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