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Facebook Temporarily Suspends Shaun King for Posting Hate Mail Before Reversing Decision

Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King was temporarily banned from Facebook after he posted an alleged screenshot of hate mail he had received.

King posted the screenshot of the email, which included the words “F*CK YOU N*GGER” and was handed a 24-hour ban shortly after for breaking Facebook’s community standards policy.

Complaining on Twitter about the suspension shortly after, King claimed, “It’s almost like a cruel joke.”

“Earlier this morning I received a horrible email. I posted the email WITHOUT the email address of the person who sent it, then a few hours later was told that I was banned from posting for at least 24 hours because of it,” he explained. “I have complained to my friends who work there and will see what happens.”

I've been banned from Facebook.

Yeah, really.

Was a guest speaker there earlier this year.


— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) September 9, 2016

Facebook later revoked their suspension, apologizing, and blaming the removal on an “error,” before King made a new Facebook post commenting on the situation.

“Wow. Was suspended here on Facebook for the past several hours after posting a copy of a harassing email I received,” claimed King in the post. “SO many of you have told me that you have had your accounts suspended for FIGHTING BIGOTRY while the bigots often seem to be able to say whatever the hell they want.”

Anyway, Facebook apologized here and in an email.

I actually love Facebook a lot and believe in its power to bring about social change, but it still has a lot of room to grow.

Maybe this can be one of those moments.

Anyway, glad to be back.

King has previously supported Facebook’s political censorship against conservative news outlets.

“Seriously though. THIS is why Facebook MUST continue to limit what’s popular among conservatives from the front page,” declared King, along with a screenshot of a Breitbart News headline.

Seriously though. THIS is why Facebook MUST continue to limit what's popular among conservatives from the front page

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) May 16, 2016

Facebook was at the center of censorship criticism last week after it banned an iconic Vietnam War photo of a naked girl crying following a napalm attack.

After heavy criticism, the social network later reversed their decision, though not before the Norwegian Prime Minister was punished for posting the iconic image, along with the editor of Norway’s biggest newspaper and an author who posted a collection of war images.

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