Twitter/X Superstar ‘Catturd’ Swatted During Live Broadcast

twitter x superstar catturd swatted during live broadcast
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Catturd, the popular conservative account on X, formerly known as Twitter, was swatted during a Monday livestream after being doxxed by leftist outlets.

About 59 minutes into the livestreamed episode 418 of In the Litter Box with Jewels and Catturd, co-host Jewels Jones revealed that Catturd had been swatted and would not be rejoining the episode.

“Cat’s house has just been swatted,” Jones explained. “Someone called and pretended to be him, and said that he had stabbed someone, and had a gun, and was going to kill himself.”

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“Cops are absolutely everywhere, they’re all over Catturd ranch, he is trying to diffuse the situation as we speak,” Jones continued. “I just got this in from him, so, no, he will not be rejoining the podcast.”

The podcast co-host went on to urge her listeners to “keep him and the puppies in your prayers, because this is how the left operates.” Catturd is known for posting the many rescue animals that live on his Florida property.

“When you’re over the target — they’ve done it to several other podcasters — I knew it wasn’t ‘if,’ it was ‘when.’ Please keep him in your prayers,” Jones said.

“I really expect this to happen to all of us. We’re all going to be targets of this game that the left continues to play,” she added. “Cops are all over his property as we speak.”

After the swatting incident, Catturd took to social media to give his followers an update.

“So, I was just swatted during my podcast,” he explained. “The caller pretended to be me and told the cops – ‘I’ve stabbed someone, had a gun, and was going to kill myself.’ This is the result of being doxxed over and over by leftist outlets. You can imagine how dangerous this is.”

“I’m okay, the pets are okay, and the local cops were fantastic. Thanks for your concern. I’ll continue to talk truth to power. I won’t stop. Love you all,” Catturd added.

Earlier this year, Catturd noted that he gets doxxed “a thousand times a day,” and is always receiving death threats.

“Just so you know … I get doxxed a thousand times a day, hundreds of ridiculous fake pics are posted of me, I get tons of death threats daily, I get leftists saying they’re going murder my pets and on and on and on – just because I speak truth to power,” he said.

Swatting has become a problem for people on the political right who are constantly targeted by left-wing ideologues.

As Breitbart News previously reported, “heavily armed” police descended on the home of former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon last year, following a call to law enforcement falsely claiming there was a shooter at the address.

Similarly, YouTuber Tim Pool, the host of the popular Timcast IRL podcast, was forced to evacuate the set of his show during a livestream last summer after allegedly hearing of a “potentially credible threat.”

This year, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was swatted multiple times after false emergency calls were made to the police.

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Authored by Alana Mastrangelo via Breitbart September 26th 2023