Portland Rioters Set Fire by Courthouse, Vandalize Businesses

Portland Rioters Set Fire by Courthouse, Vandalize Businesses

Portland Police Bureau officers arrested five people in connection to yet another night of rioting in the city. Antifa rioters set fires near the justice center and vandalized multiple businesses in the area.

“At about 9:13 p.m., people pushed a dumpster against the Justice Center near Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street,” Portland Police Bureau officials said in a written statement. “People tried to get a fire started in the dumpster. Many people approached the Justice Center holding umbrellas to obscure their actions and movements.”

I’m at the JC where riot pigs just showed up. It’s been declared an unlawful #PortlandProtests#GeorgeFloyd#BlackLivesMatterpic.twitter.com/FdUnAyRIpR

— it_ain’t_pretty_ (@it_aint_pretty_) May 26, 2021

Police officials report that rioters attempted to pry open the doors on the north side of the justice center building. Rioters began assaulting officers with frozen water bottles, glass bottles, eggs, and metal spikes. They also attacked officers with mortar-style fireworks, officials stated.

Portland Police were hit with mortar fireworks from #antifa when they retreated from the riot. Antifa set a large fire on the side of the Justice Center that required police & the fire department to respond. pic.twitter.com/DzALkqfniP

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) May 26, 2021

Fireworks thrown. Cops just getting pelleted with shit #PortlandProtests#GeorgeFloydpic.twitter.com/WapgL20Lao

— it_ain’t_pretty_ (@it_aint_pretty_) May 26, 2021

Antifa rioters wearing all black and carrying black umbrellas set off smoke bombs to obscure their activities.

deleted footage of smoke bomb during #Antifa riots in #Portland (Not my footage) pic.twitter.com/nv8LNnvNLP

— pine_tree_riots (@pine_tree_riots) May 26, 2021

Rioters moved on from the courthouse to attack multiple downtown businesses and city hall.

The sound of broken glass #PortlandProtests#GeorgeFloydpic.twitter.com/4ih3GLfO22

— it_ain’t_pretty_ (@it_aint_pretty_) May 26, 2021

City Hall gets smashed #PortlandProtests#GeorgeFloydpic.twitter.com/lXwxDhmchN

— it_ain’t_pretty_ (@it_aint_pretty_) May 26, 2021

Jewelry store gets smashed #PortlandProtests#GeorgeFloydpic.twitter.com/5qA3sfmS77

— it_ain’t_pretty_ (@it_aint_pretty_) May 26, 2021

Starbucks gets a fireworks show #PortlandProtests#GeorgeFloydpic.twitter.com/MBPwEiSkj5

— it_ain’t_pretty_ (@it_aint_pretty_) May 26, 2021

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse damaged while people are eating. Starbucks and jewelry store also damaged. #Portland#PDX#Riot#protestpic.twitter.com/9iGZXvMKrG

— Independent Media PDX (@NDpendentPDX) May 26, 2021

Portland police officers eventually moved in and made five arrests.

An arrest is made #PortlandProtests#GeorgeFloydpic.twitter.com/kjQZTzM9OY

— it_ain’t_pretty_ (@it_aint_pretty_) May 26, 2021

Portland Police Bureau officials report the following arrests:

30-year-old Elizabeth Hall ? Criminal Mischief II
30-year-old Emery Hall ? Criminal Mischief II, Escape III
23-year-old Rhiannon Millar-Griffin ? Criminal Mischief I, Riot
22-year-old Jacob Myers ? Criminal Mischief I
21-year-old Jarrid Huber ? Arson I, Criminal Mischief I, Criminal Mischief II x 5, Riot

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