House Democrat Kweisi Mfume Rips Notes, Claims FBI, DOJ, IRS ‘Keep This Democracy in Check’

house democrat kweisi mfume rips notes claims fbi doj irs keep this democracy in check
Steve Ruark/AP

Democrat Rep. Kweisi Mfume (MD), born Frizzell Gerald Gray, claimed federal agencies like the Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) “keep this democracy in check,” then ripped his notes out of frustration during the Oversight Committee’s hearing about Hunter Biden.

Two IRS whistleblowers testified before the committee that the DOJ interfered with an investigation into Hunter Biden. While Republicans like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) highlighted other illicit activity by Hunter Biden and Mfume complained about the “ludicrous” hearing brought by his Republican colleagues.

Instead of investigating Hunter Biden, Mfume suggested Congress investigate former President Donald Trump.

“Let’s just remember, there was a case in New York not too long ago where our former president also got into trouble regarding payments and regarding a stripper and was found guilty of a violation in civil court,” Mfume said.

“I would welcome also hearing on the former president’s history of tax evasion and how long it took to see his tax returns covering ten years, and what was the outcome of that decision,” he added.

Mfume also claimed that the DOJ, FBI, and IRS “keep this democracy in check.”

“Now, here’s what galls me. I don’t like these attacks on the Department of Justice, the FBI, the IRS, as if they are somehow anti-U.S. agencies. Those agencies keep this democracy in check,” Mfume claimed, adding, “They provide the checks, and they provide the balances.”

Conservatives on social media quickly pointed out that the Constitution does not authorize federal agencies to provide such checks and balances.

“Last time I checked, I don’t recall ever seeing anything in the Constitution about DOJ/FBI/IRS existing to ‘keep Democracy in check’ and ‘provide the checks and the balances,’ but at least the Dems are finally being honest about who really runs things in the DC Swamp,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.

“It’s disturbing how many folks in Congress believe that it’s the job of federal agencies to rule like kings over the American people,” Rep. Rich McCormick (R-GA) tweeted.

“A Democrat just told you what I’ve been telling for years: the FBI controls Congress, not the other way around,” Emerald Robinson added.

“Ironically, Mfume used to chair the @NAACP, which was itself a target of government surveillance for years,” Breitbart News’s Joel Pollak noted.

Mfume then claimed the committee should be using its time to discuss other issues like crime, the economy, and “attacks on women’s health,” before tearing his notes into two pieces.

“And yet we are doing this all over again for ‘The Hunter Biden Show’ to someone who has pleaded guilty and has taken responsibility for not filing taxes for two years,” Mfume concluded. “This is ludicrous. Beam me up, Scotty. There’s no intelligent life down here. None.”

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Authored by Jordan Dixon-Hamilton via Breitbart July 19th 2023