Afghanistan catastrophe cause for Biden to resign, according to Congressman Mike Garcia

Rep. Garcia calls for Biden's resignation over Afghanistan

Rep. Mike Garcia demanded that President Biden resign over the crisis in Afghanistan. His comments came ahead of the explosions in Kabul on Thursday that led to an unknown number of casualties, but injured at least three U.S. Marines.

Coordinated suicide bombers detonated explosives Thursday evening in Kabul, one by the airport, another by a hotel Americans previously used as a rally point for evacuation by helicopter. A firefight followed the explosion at the airport.

"There's going to be blood on his hands that are Americans, the blood of our allies," Garcia told Fox News during a Tuesday interview that was not previously released. "We're unfortunately likely not going to get everyone out, and the Taliban is going to take over and kill those folks that we do leave behind."

"This falls on the commander in chief’s desk," the California Republican continued.


Garcia provided additional comments in a written statement following Thursday's explosions.

"This tragedy is a further reminder of the deadly consequences of Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal," his said in his statement. "We must double down on our efforts to evacuate all Americans and Afghan allies."

"The reported explosions at the Kabul Airport and Hotel are tragic and I am praying for all those involved, especially the reported casualties to U.S. Troops," Garcia also said. "I will continue to monitor the ongoing situation and do all I can to help."

The U.S. has scrambled to evacuate American citizens as well as Afghan nationals who assisted the U.S. during the Afghanistan war ahead of an Aug. 31 deadline.

"This is a disgrace," Garcia told Fox News during the Tuesday interview. "What our president has done, has shamed our nation. It's shamed our folks that are over there, and who have been fighting for the last 20 years to secure the country and eradicate the al Qaeda threat as well as mitigate the Taliban threat."

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul repeatedly issued warnings about terrorist threats and directed Americans to leave the airport. The embassy issued such a warning before Thursday’s explosions.

It’s unclear who was behind the terrorist attacks, though ISIS-K, a splinter from the Islamic State, has posed threats in Kabul.

But Garcia called the Taliban "an organization of terrorists, and they've been very clear who they are." He said any expectation that they have changed or that they will cooperate with the U.S. "is extremely naïve."

"And unfortunately, in this world, the risks and the consequences of being naive when you're the president of the largest superpower this globe has ever seen, are significant," Garcia told Fox News. "And we're about to realize those detriments real time here very soon. And this president is to blame for that."

Editor's note: This piece has been updated to include additional quotes from Garcia, as well as a new comment following the terrorist attacks.

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