Why The Democrats Win

why the democrats win
Trump after the first of his indictments this year. 

Who Are You Calling Weak? 

The Democrats have engaged in an unprecedented campaign of lawfare since Biden became President, with politically motivated prosecutions against everyone from a meme maker, to elderly Trump supporters, to President Trump himself. The Republicans' response so far has been to call one the prosecutors going after Trump "weak" on Twitter. 

Who is the weak one here, Republicans doing nothing to fight this, or the U.S. Attorney who's already indicted Trump once and is about to indict him again? The question answers itself. 

Of course, to fight back against lawfare, Republicans need lawyers, and one of the Democrats' insidious moves is to target Trump's lawyers. The pseudonymous Twitter account "Conan, Esq" posted a thread earlier this week detailing an example of the Democrats targeting arguably Trump's most esteemed attorney, John Eastman. We've included that thread in full below. Before we get to it, a quick follow up on our previous post. 

A Quick Follow Up

In our last post ("Try That In A Small Town"), we wrote, 

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Now on to Conan's excellent thread on the targeting of John Eastman. 

Targeting Trump's Lawyers


Authored by Portfolio Armor via ZeroHedge July 20th 2023