WATCH – ‘She’s Smiling!’: Colorado Dog Reunites with Owner After Five Nights Lost in Mountains

A dog who had a frightening experience in the Colorado mountains is safe again thanks to some big-hearted community members.

While Silky the border collie was hiking with her owner, Eric Erslev, the sensitive dog was struck with fear when she heard thunder, KDVR reported Sunday.

Silky bolted and even though he tried, Erslev could not catch up to her. He was understandably worried and heartbroken when she disappeared off the trail, which allows hikers’ dogs to roam off-leash.

The best friends were separated on Buffalo Mountain Trail, but thanks to some eagle-eyed helpers she popped up again a few miles away near Willowbrook Trailhead.

In a social media post July 15, a joyful Erslev wrote his beloved dog was safe at home, “After spending 5 nights and 4 days in the backcountry, she found her bed at the Buffalo Mountain trailhead where she was seen this morning.”

“2 hours later, Sami from the Lost Pets Rescue group found her a couple miles away at the Willowbrook trailhead, 3 lbs lighter and very tired but otherwise in good shape. She is sleeping at my feet at I type this,” he continued:

SILKY HAS BEEN FOUND! After spending 5 nights and 4 days in the backcountry, she found her bed at the Buffalo Mountain…

Posted by Eric Erslev on Saturday, July 15, 2023

Erslev told KDVR he had never seen his buddy so exhausted.

“But she recovered in a day and a half. I think I’m still in the process of recovering,” he added.

Video footage shows the moment the pair was reunited. When a grateful Erslev reached into the vehicle to pet Silky, he said, “Oh, she’s smiling!”


Here is our reunion video from yesterday. The woman in the video, Sami from the Summit Lost Pet Rescue group, gently…

Posted by Eric Erslev on Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Thanks to the Summit Lost Pet Rescue Group, everything turned out all right because its helpers know exactly how to find lost dogs who are skittish about approaching people.

Volunteer Karen Payne said, “So we went out, we searched, we followed water sources, we bushwhacked, we covered as much area as we could where we thought Silky was.”

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes border collies as being energetic, affectionate, smart dogs who are exceptional herders.

Breitbart News reported in April about a missing Alaska dog who journeyed 166 miles across sea ice while suffering from bite wounds. However, it was eventually reunited with its family.

Authored by Amy Furr via Breitbart July 24th 2023