WATCH: HUSTON: ‘Anti-Capitalist’ Colin Kaepernick Posts Video Promoting Nike Merch, Touting Unlikely NFL Comeback

watch huston anti capitalist colin kaepernick posts video promoting nike merch touting unlikely nfl comeback
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Colin Kaepernick, who hasn’t played in the NFL for seven years and has also proclaimed himself an anti-capitalist, has posted a new video promoting Nike and touting a return to the league he knows will likely never occur.

The new Nike video features Kaepernick throwing balls at Nike’s Oregon HQ to players, including Patriots player Kendrick Bourne, the Cowboys’ Ceedee Lamb, Najee Harris of the Steelers, the Dolphins’ Jaylen Waddle, Chris Olave of the Saints, and the Titans’ Derrick Henry.

This video is all about Kaepernick helping Nike make money and has nothing to do with the NFL. Kaepernick hasn’t played pro football since 2016, but he is still under contract to Nike, so this video is about fulfilling that capitalist contract.

At this point, it is nearly impossible to think that the 35-year-old Kaepernick will ever be signed by an NFL team again, despite all his constant proclamations that he is still “ready” to play. At 35, most quarterbacks are already at the end of their careers. Currently, only a few NFL QBs are older than 35, and the average age is in the upper 20s.

At this point, physically fit or not, Kaepernick is about aged out of the position, even as a backup.

But this video is notable for another reason, one that makes Kaepernick out to be a hypocrite.

Recently, the former 49ers QB has been claiming to be a hater of capitalism.

In Jan., for instance, Kaepernick said that U.S. troops were plundering the “non-white world” even as he raked in millions from shoes made in Nike factories full of cheap labor all across the developing world.

watch huston anti capitalist colin kaepernick posts video promoting nike merch touting unlikely nfl comeback

Colin Kaepernick attends the Netflix Limited Series “Colin in Black and White” Premiere at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on October 28, 2021, in Los Angeles, California. (Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Netflix)

Kaepernick accused America of “imperialism,” of using terror against “black and brown bodies,” and he also said our troops are responsible for “plundering the non-white world.

By June, he was directly stating that capitalism is not for black people and insisting that “black liberation simply isn’t possible under capitalism.”

He also claimed he had to work with avowed Marxists to write his anti-American book; Our History Has Always Been Contraband: In Defense of Black Studies.

Yet, here he is, jumping and running in service to Nike.

How much more hypocritical could he be?

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Authored by Warner Todd Huston via Breitbart July 24th 2023