Sunday, November 29, 2020

WATCH: Hundreds Gather for Pro-Trump Parade in Ohio

Hundreds of people came together to show support for President Donald Trump in Ottoville, Ohio, on Sunday afternoon.

“Residents brought their vehicles equipped with Trump 2020 signs and American flags to Ottoville Park as early as 12 pm. The parade officially started at 3 pm and drove around the city of Ottoville,” according to the Home Town Stations website.

Following the event, organizers encouraged attendees to spend their money at local businesses and vote in the general election.

“Bring all your Trump and American Flags. Decorate your vehicles in support of President Trump and America. Invite all of yours [sic] friends. Going to cruise Ottoville. After the event support our local restaurants,” the event’s Facebook page read.

Resident Austin Schroeder shared several aerial videos he captured of the event on Sunday.

“Some drone footage I took during Ottoville’s Trump Parade today. Keep America Great and vote against socialism and globalism in November!” Schroeder wrote.

Event organizer and Ottoville resident Dave Landwehr told reporters on Sunday he hoped the parade would encourage people to vote in the upcoming election.

“It’s a nice day… so this is something to get everybody out, you know since all this COVID’s going on, and it’s a beautiful day,” he said.

In Toledo on Monday, a group of President Trump’s supporters interrupted former Vice President Joe Biden (D) by chanting “Four more years!” as he spoke at a campaign event, according to Breitbart News.

NBC News reporter Marianna Sotomayor tweeted video footage of the incident:

Dozens of Trump supporters were loudly chanting a mix of “Four more years,” “Trump” and “USA” throughout the event, growing louder anytime @JoeBiden mentioned the president.

— Marianna Sotomayor (@MariannaNBCNews) October 12, 2020

“My mother called and had the idea of welcoming Joe Biden to our state by holding Trump signs and flags outside as he passed by and we went with it,” Toledo native Samantha Hollings told Breitbart News.

“We got our friends together to show Biden that Ohio wants Trump,” she concluded.

Amy Furr

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