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WATCH: Fatah Song On Palestinian Authority TV Calls To ‘Slice Open’ Israel’s Chest

JERUSALEM – The Palestinian Authority’s official television network broadcast a song praising President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party for its call to “slice open” Israel’s chest on no less than 11 occasions in under a week.

The clip was broadcast in honor of the seventh Fatah Congress, held from Nov. 29 – Dec. 4, which saw the reelection of Abbas as head of the party.

As reported by Israeli NGO Palestinian Media Watch, the song reiterates Fatah’s “oath” to destroy Israel and “free the state from the hands of the Zionists” through violence and murder.

“Slice open the enemy’s chest, slice it.”

“Shoot the Dashka (machine gun) and the cannon.”

“The Fatah man… fires the mortar and the machine gun.”

“Strike, mortar, strike!”

The song hails Fatah for being the first group to commit a terror attack against Israel in 1965 when it bombed Israel’s national water carrier: “Eilabun [water carrier] was the first shot [at Israel] and Fatah was responsible.”

The song continues by extolling Fatah’s love of violence.

“I have no love other than the love of the rifle/ The sound of the rifles gives us joy/ Bullets! Sing for us!”

The song ends with thanks to Fatah for teaching values of violence and death:

“Fatah taught me, thank you, Fatah.”

At the opening of the five-day Fatah congress, 81-year-old Abbas addressed the crowd by praising Fatah’s founders and the “martyrs who died along the path towards freedom and independence.”

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