WATCH: Crazy Fight Erupts in Hockey Handshake Line, One Player Fights Imaginary Opponent

watch crazy fight erupts in hockey handshake line one player fights imaginary opponent

A fight broke out during a hockey game in Thailand, and while fights at hockey games are far from unusual, one player raised everyone’s eyebrow as his team waded into the melee.

After the Bangkok U18 invitational championship match between Thailand and Hong Kong, the two teams lined up for the usual handshake ceremony, but it turned out that the players weren’t quite ready to let it all go as fists began to fly instead of hands being shaken, the New York Post reported.

As sticks were thrown and fists were made, both teams waded in, flinging haymakers and grabbing at jerseys.

But then there was that one guy.

A player wearing jersey no. 24 also prepared to join the fight by flinging down his stick, tearing off his helmet, and preparing for the brawl.

Except he seemed to have a little trouble finding an opponent… or maybe the one he found was invisible?

You can see him at the top of the screen going wild against… someone.


Twitter users found the whole display nothing short of hilarious.

“Nobody wanted to fight him, so he took matters into his own hands. He’s fighting someone, in his mind.,” one Twitter user joked.

Another wrote, “I cant tell if 24 is winning or losing, but damn I appreciate his effort level and inclusion of an oft underutilized jump jab and a jump kick (maybe?). Also, think he let his opponent get back up based on the swing trajectory change, which is a rookie mistake.”

Twitter user Greg Scherr joked that no. 24 was “The only player not fined!!!”

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Authored by Warner Todd Huston via Breitbart July 21st 2023