WATCH: Connecticut Toddler Celebrates Birthday with Parade of Mail Trucks: ‘Thank You, Mailman Mike!’

watch connecticut toddler celebrates birthday with parade of mail trucks thank you mailman mike
TikTok/Jessica Bergman

While some little boys love fire trucks, army tanks, and police cars, this Connecticut toddler is obsessed with mail trucks, and his mail carrier, Mailman Mike, had a heartwarming surprise for him on his second birthday.

In a viral video, mom Jessica Bergman is holding birthday boy Colby in her arms at the end of their driveway as a parade of mail trucks, a firetruck, a couple of garbage trucks — one of which stops to take out their trash — and a police cruiser all drive by to wish Colby a Happy Birthday.


I am blown away. Our son is obsessed with mail trucks and our mail carrier, Mailman Mike. For his birthday, the Simsbury United States Postal Service organized a truck parade in front of our house. So many workers turned up to help us celebrate. They even made him his own Mail Truck and an honorary mail carrier. Thank you to Mailman Mike, Mr. Ken from the Simsbury Fire Department, Mr. Mike from Paine’s, and Postmaster Lisa. My dad always said if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Thank you for everything you do for residents of Simsbury. #usps #happybirthday2colby #mailtruckparade

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When the parade finished, Mailman Mike presented Colby with a simulated mail truck tied with balloons that he can ride on. He also gave Colby a certificate, making the toddler an honorary letter carrier.

Colby’s mom Jessica was absolutely blown away by the sweet gesture of Mailman Mike and the rest of the Simsbury community officials. She had called the post office to see if they could help celebrate Colby’s birthday, and they exceeded her expectations, WILX reported.


Thank you Mailman Mike for a wonderful parade and making Colby’s birthday one we’ll never forget! #usps #happybirthday2colby #mailtruckparade

♬ original sound – Jessica Bergman

One of the police officers introduced Colby and his family to Clifton — a yellow lab police officer.

Colby celebrated with a mail truck themed birthday cake, and even received his very own postal service uniform. His playroom has a new addition as well — a postal service desk.

“My dad always said if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life,” Bergman wrote on TikTok. “Thank you for everything you do for residents of Simsbury.”

The video has received more than 5.4 million views, and Bergman posted several other videos showing off Colby’s elaborate mail man themed birthday.

Some couldn’t help put poke fun at the little boy’s obsession with mail.

“He’s loves mail until he gets older and all the mail he receives are bills,” Stephanie Rice wrote. “so cute though!!! Happy birthday Colby!”

In another video, Colby shared a simple message with his hero.

“Thank you, mailman Mike!” Colby said.

Authored by Elaine Mallon via Breitbart July 26th 2023