Friday, November 15, 2019

Watch: Car Plows Into Maryland Bar, Injuring 10

A car crashed into a Maryland bar Tuesday, leaving 10 people inside injured.

Per NBC Washington, dozens of customers were dining at Babes and Boys Tavern for lunch when a light-colored sedan plowed into the side of the restaurant.

Two people were taken to a hospital with serious injuries, five were treated for minor injuries and two more declined to go to the hospital. The 10th person’s status is currently unknown.

The driver said she lost control and “panicked” when her brakes went out.

“My brakes went out,” Vernelle Robinson, the driver of the light-color sedan, said. “I panicked. That’s how I ended up over that hump right there.”

NBC Washington reports there is not yet word on whether Robinson will face any charges.

None of the injuries to the bar patrons are life-threatening, according to Prince George County fire department spokesman Mark Brady.

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