Video Evidence Shows Several Iranian Cruise Missiles Scored Direct Hits

Both Israel and the US have declared a 'victory' in defending against the overnight massive Iranian drone and missile attack, which reportedly saw over 300 projectiles sent toward Israel. Ground anti-air systems were very active, including the Iron Dome, David's Sling, and Arrow system - the latter intended to thwart long-range missiles. The night skies over Israel were lit up for several hours, with explosions ringing out above various cities, especially Jerusalem.

US systems were also heavily engaged on behalf of Washington's closest Middle East ally. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) also subsequently said its air force fighter jets downed some 170 drones and 30 cruise missiles. A statement further said "All the drones and cruise missiles were downed outside of the country’s airspace by the IAF and its allies, including the United States, United Kingdom, Jordan, France, and others." 

video evidence shows several iranian cruise missiles scored direct hits

However, a few videos are widely circulating which appear to offer proof that at least some of Iran's ballistic missiles found their way to a ground target, contradicting Israel's optimistic narrative of almost "all" drones and missiles intercepted.

The videos purport to show several missiles scoring direct hits on two key Israeli military bases in the south of the country: Nevatim Airbase and Ramon Airbase (locations on map above).

First, the Nevatim Air Base, which is one of Israel's largest. The below footage appears to show clusters of munitions raining down above the base - possibly decoy bomblets, before several ballistic missiles make impact on the ground.

Video of ballistic missiles slamming into the Nevatim Air Base in the south after passing through a swarm of anti-air interceptors:

The IDF overnight confirmed a military base in southern Israel was slightly damaged.

The Hill writes, "Iranian state-run media outlets reported that Ramon air base in southern Israel was struck by seven missiles, while they also reported successful attacks on Nevatim air base, one of the largest in Israel."

Second, the Ramon airbase in the Negev desert, where the missiles came in at least two waves...

More footage of different angles side-by-side, via Middle East Eye:

Regional geopolitical analyst and journalist, Rania Khalek, offers an interesting takeaway from last night's dramatic events as follows...

"This is a deterrence win for Iran. Had Israel been taken by surprise and not had the days long preparation to mitigate the impact of an Iranian attack this large, the damage would have been huge. There is no way Israel could have intercepted hundreds of Iranian missiles without a week of its allies putting defenses in place and Iran intentionally taking its time.

A real war would NOT be telegraphed in advance so Israel can prepare with a symphony of air defenses from its allies. Biden understands the risks posed by further escalation, especially to US forces, which is why he told Netanyahu he will not back an Israeli counterstrike. The equation in the region has changed and Iran did it masterfully and responsibly without igniting the big war."

Below, IDF published footage showing fighter jet intercepts of inbound drones and cruise missiles...

However, whether there will be a big war or not is yet to be seen, based on how Israel responds. The New York Times has reported that PM Netanyahu backed off launching an immediate military response after a late night phone call with President Biden. But this likely opens the door for Netanyahu to implement his long desired plans to take out what Israel believes are Iranian nuclear sites.

Authored by Tyler Durden via ZeroHedge April 14th 2024