Uganda's Defiance: Accuses West of Blackmail, Turns to China as Trade Hits $1.1bn


The global bifurcation we promised you is more than purely financial. It is ideological, cultural, and ethnic, too.

Uganda accuses West of blackmail in its response to anti-LGBTQ law

While we appreciate the support we get from partners, they must be reminded that we are a sovereign country and we do not legislate for the Western world. We legislate for our own people here in Uganda. So that kind of blackmail is not acceptable.

But realize this isn’t directly important to us as we’re neither gay nor likely to even visit Uganda. And even if you are gay, you’re probably unlikely to visit Uganda.

What is important to understand is that because the mechanism to control Africa has always been debt financing through the criminal enterprises such as the IMF, World Bank, and various other NGOs, bribery and coercion are nothing new.

When Uganda takes this stance they know (or must know) that there will be penalties to be paid. Spontaneous “colour revolutions,” whereby the US, being the upholder of democracy, will come in and lend support to the “pro-democracy” group — one that won’t even exist prior to this “uprising,” but will spontaneously come into existence. It’s just how it is.

In any event, clearly the Ugandans calculated that those are the penalties worth paying. This is not because they don’t see pain from this, but rather because they see alternatives. China, in particular.

This may have something to do with it.

Uganda-China Trade Hits $1.1bn

Uganda’s trade with China hit a record $1.1bn in 2022 from US$ 800m in 2017, officials said, as both countries recover from the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In 2022, the economic cooperation between China and Uganda withstood the test of uncertain factors in the post-pandemic era and showed a good momentum of steady progress,” said China’s Ambassador to Uganda, Zhang Lizhong.

“The bilateral trade volume rose by 6.6% against the trend, reaching 1.14 billion US dollars,” he added.

Anyway, this entire thing had the paedophiles at the White House up in arms.

This shameful act is the latest development in an alarming trend of human rights abuses and corruption in Uganda.

That came from the barely lucid vegetables mouth but really from his speech writers, which is pretty funny. Corruption? Hahaha, that’s rich coming from the Biden crime family.

ugandas defiance accuses west of blackmail turns to china as trade hits 11bn

In any event, President Museveni seems defiant. He told Joe Biden to “shut up.” In an address to his parliament, President Museveni emotionally congratulated them for standing firm against “the imperialists” and had the following to say:

Europe is lost! They also want us to be lost. In order to fight, we must be patriotic. If we are parasitic in the mind — the mind of a parasite — there’s no way you can fight. That’s how you become a prostitute. Because you fear sacrifice, you fear difficulties, and somebody says I will give you money if you become a prostitute. Those who like an easy life end up as prostitutes. And that’s what they want us to be. They want Africa to be prostitutes, doing what we don’t believe in, because we want money.

Pretty spicy thing to say, even if addressing a barely sentient vegetable.

Sticking with the global flux in play and moving on to Ethiopia from Uganda…

ugandas defiance accuses west of blackmail turns to china as trade hits 11bn

Staying with the global bifurcation we have been promising you.

Kazakhstan Seeks to Join BRICS and Enhance Trade and Economic Cooperation

It is worth noting that Kazakhstan holds 28% of the world’s uranium production.

ugandas defiance accuses west of blackmail turns to china as trade hits 11bn

Next up, same theme — a pushback.

Russian Lawmakers Introduce Bill Banning Sex Reassignment

The proposal has been framed as being necessary to protect traditional family values, per TASS:

The bill was initiated by speaker of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) Vyacheslav Volodin and the leaders of the five factions. During a meeting of the Council of Legislators in April, Volodin asked lawmakers to submit their proposals to address issues linked with gender-affirmation matters. Russian Justice Minister Konstantin Chuichenko told TASS earlier that a ban on changing gender in passports and other documents would be one of the first steps to enshrine family values into national law.

So if you want to mutilate little children, you’ll have to go elsewhere. I’d say San Francisco, maybe.

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