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Top Hillary Clinton Adviser Said Despite Mistakes, Campaign Faced ‘A Perfect Storm’ of Problems

Top Hillary Clinton adviser Karen Finney said on CNN Sunday that Clinton’s campaign faced “a perfect storm” of problems that cost her the election, the Daily Mail reported.

“Look, there are any number of things that you could point to to say that it was a mistake that we made that probably has some merit to it, because it was such a perfect storm of a lot of different things,” Finney told Jake Tapper, sitting on a panel of Democrats on CNN’s State of the Union.

Finney said there was no “magic bullet” that could have changed the direction of the doomed campaign.

Even though she said the campaign was doomed, she also said that it was a close race.

“Particularly when you look at the fact that in those Rust Belt states … that gap is about 70,000 votes that we’re talking about,” she continued.

“A majority of those people agreed with [Clinton] on the economy, thought she’d be better on the economy,’ Finney said. ‘And she’s won 2.8 million more in the popular vote.”

Finney suggested to Tapper that outreach could be better, like former DNC chairman Howard Dean’s “50-state strategy” that helped Obama get elected.

“I think we need to learn some of the lessons coming out of this election, no question, in terms of how we talk to working families, whether they are black, white, brown and where those families are located, how we talk to them about the issues they care about,” Finney said.

“But I don’t think that this is an example of, you know, there are one or two things that was just flip a switch and everything will be perfect,” she said.

In November, Finney blamed the election loss on everything but Clinton, saying she lost because of sexism, James Comey, and the media, among other reasons, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

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