The secret to growing gold wealth in any market Feat. NorthStar & BadCharts 


Live from the Vault: Episode 132.


In this week’s episode of Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire is joined by Patrick Karim and Kevin Wadsworth from NorthStar & BadCharts, a technical analysis and education platform, who reach out to the Kinesis community with a special offer.

The two chart trading veterans explain how their combined experience helps them to predict the future events of gold and silver markets with a highly-accurate scientific approach, and reveal how to increase wealth even when prices go down.





00:00 Start

05:14 Meteorology & Charting with Kevin Wadsworth

08:30 What are some of the tools Patrick uses to measure energy?

14:00 Building wealth: Bitcoin vs precious metals

16:45 Using ratios to increase your stack of silver and gold without needing to buy any

19:00 The Gold Silver Ratio Chart (XAUUSD/XAGUSD)

25:40 Gold vs CPI Chart 

29:00 Can gold rise alongside the dollar? 

37:00 How Kinesis & Northstar & Badcharts are working together  

42:00 Assessing risk 

44:30 Trusting the banking system

48:00 Awareness of what’s going on in the world around you

53:45 No position is a position and removing emotion from trading

63:45 The special offer for Kinesis users: 50% off




“Gold acts like a lifeboat. We all know it protects your wealth.”


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Authored by Kinesis Money via ZeroHedge July 21st 2023