The Decline of Western Civilization

the decline of western civilization

Authored by J. Kim of skwealthacademy substack

All around the world, justice departments have always upheld a two-tiered justice system. One for the extremely wealthy in which they either aid and abet crime or look the other way and another in which they prosecute all others in lower socioeconomic tiers just for speaking truth and threatening the power of the establishment. However, in the last decade the depravity of justice systems has grown to the point where law enforcement agencies have become indistinguishable from the criminal rackets and organized crime they profess to prosecute, yet even under the scrutiny of the few Congressmen and Parliament Members (MPs) around the world that take them to task and reveal the crimes of these law enforcement agencies and rampant abuse of power, they remain in power.

Click on the above image to view testimony from US Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo), in which he grills FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate about his organization's rampant abuse of power as well as their utter failure to prevent tens of thousands of unaccompanied young children from illegally crossing the US border to be trafficked by malevolent people into a life of horror with zero oversight/prevention from law enforcement. Help support exposure of such criminality by joining my substack and patreon platforms and joining my telegram.

Authored by Skwealthacademy via ZeroHedge July 17th 2023