Subtropical Storm Might Swamp Northeast This Weekend 

As Hurricane Nigel churns in the Atlantic Ocean, weather forecasters are closely watching the possibility of a subtropical depression or storm forming off the Southeast coast later this week and could swamp the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast by the weekend. 

subtropical storm might swamp northeast this weekend

The National Hurricane Center expects a non-tropical area of low pressure to form east of the Florida coast by late week:

"This system could acquire some subtropical characteristics this weekend while it moves generally northward. 

"Regardless of subtropical development, this low could bring gusty winds, heavy rain, and high surf conditions to portions of the coastal Carolinas into the coastal Mid-Atlantic states this weekend."

Although it's unclear if the system will be a named storm, it is anticipated to cause gusty winds, rough seas, dangerous rip currents, and coastal flooding. 

subtropical storm might swamp northeast this weekend

Additionally, it might result in heavy rainfall from the Carolinas through the Northeast. 

subtropical storm might swamp northeast this weekend

At the same time, Hurricane Nigel is in the central Atlantic, and a new tropical wave is emerging from western Africa. 

Authored by Tyler Durden via ZeroHedge September 20th 2023