Sneaky snakes: 5 times snakes slithered indoors

July 24 (UPI) — It’s a record breakingly-hot summer and humans aren’t the only ones hiding out inside in the air-conditioning. Here are five times snakes slithered indoors to beat the heat.

Snake in a kitchen

San Antonio Animal Care Services said police received a late night call from a family who spotted a snake in their kitchen. The ACS officer found the snake hiding behind the dishwasher and retrieved the “timid but friendly snake,” which she identified as a ball python. The slithering trespasser, dubbed Zolta by ACS, was transferred to a private rescue.

Snake in a bathroom

Another sanitary snake was spotted in Australia by a man sitting on the toilet, who got a scare when he spotted a nearly 10-foot python on top of his shower. The man called Anthony Hudson Snake Catching for help. “After I stopped having a laugh for a few minutes, I got the hook and took it down and then it was cranky,” said Jackson. The snake catcher said he avoided being bitten by the agitated snake and managed to get it into a pillowcase for safe transport into the wild.

Snake in a resort

This Australian snake wanted a relaxing vacay, but things didn’t go as planned. Snake catcher Drew Godfrey, of Hervey Bay Snake Catchers, was called out to a resort to relocate a venomous snake sucked up into a vacuum cleaner by a panicked holidaymaker. Godfrey removed the mildly venomous yellow-faced whip snake from the vacuum cleaner’s reservoir. “Just when you think you’ve seen it all in this job, someone calls you and says their wife has sucked a snake up with the vacuum cleaner,” Godfrey said.

Snake on a train

In DC, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority said a train was taken out of service when a snake was spotted on board. At least one passenger captured photos when the snake was spotted on the floor of the Blue Line Train at Reagan National Airport. “It did not have a farecard and clearly slipped onto the train without tapping in,” Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority spokesperson Sherri Ly said. The train was removed from service and parked in the WMATA yard overnight with its doors open. Animal control officers searched the railcar the next day and confirmed the snake had left on its own.

Snake in a drawer

An Australian reptile wrangler was summoned to a bar manager’s office to remove a snake found relaxing in a desk drawer. Stuart McKenzie of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted a video to Facebook showing the capture of a carpet python found taking a nap in a Queensland bar manager’s desk. McKenzie said the snake had apparently been sleeping in the drawer all day while employees were working in the office. The video shows McKenzie carefully placing the snake in a bag and releasing it into a tree in a wilderness area.

Authored by Upi via Breitbart July 24th 2023