Slovakia’s Populist Prime Minister Robert Fico Has Been Shot

Slovakia’s populist prime minister Robert Fico has been shot, according to breaking news reports, after which he was rushed to the hospital and appears to be alive according to early reports. But some reports have listed his condition as "very serious" and that he had to be airlifted.

According to emerging details in The Associated Press, Fico "was injured in a shooting and taken to hospital. The incident took place in the town of Handlova, some 150 kilometers northeast of the capital, according to the news television station TA3."

slovakias populist prime minister robert fico has been shot
Slovakia’s prime minister Robert Fico, file image

Local authorities say that a suspect is in custody. The shooting happened in front of the House of Culture where a government meeting was taking place.

One eyewitness "saw the prime minister being lifted from the ground by security guards and loaded into a car and driven away."

Several people were greeting Fico and the moment the shots rang out, after which the prime minister fell to the ground. The would-be assassin was then taken by police. No details have been released as to the extent of his injuries.

Unconfirmed video of the immediate aftermath:

He has been outspoken against deepening Western involvement in the Ukraine war, for which he's made many enemies and critics among Western allies, and of course within Ukraine itself.

For example, here's how CNN last October described his ascendancy to prime minister and leader of the small NATO member state... "A party headed by a pro-Kremlin figure came out top after securing more votes than expected in an election in Slovakia, official results show, in what could pose a challenge to NATO and EU unity on Ukraine."

However, at this early point a motive is unknown.

slovakias populist prime minister robert fico has been shot

A national outlet in Slovakia has reported the following unconfirmed details of his condition (machine translation):

According to the available information, which immediately began to spread, Prime Minister Robert Fico was hit by 2-3 wounds, allegedly in the limb, chest and abdomen. It is said that up to 4-5 shots should have been fired. According to information from the PLUS 7 DAYS weekly , someone from the crowd called out "Robo, come here" and the shooting started.

"It's a gunshot wound to the abdomen and arm. He's currently out of danger. They're going to operate on him," our well-informed source told us at 3:30 p.m.


via May 15th 2024