Scarborough on Gun Legislation: ‘A Lie’ to ‘Say Second Amendment Rights Are Being Trampled On’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Monday pushed back against the notion that gun legislation being proposed in the wake of recent mass shootings was “trampling” on Second Amendment rights.

According to Scarborough, universal background checks and adding regulations do not “infringe on Second Amendment rights.” He argued it was a “lie” to say that Second Amendment rights were “being trampled on.”

“I mean, if you look at a gun the wrong way, people go, ‘Oh, you’re trampling my Second Amendment rights,'” Scarborough asserted. “There is nothing in any legislation that’s being proposed right now, whether you’re talking about universal background checks, that does anything to infringe on Second Amendment rights. Nothing at all. If you read the Constitution if you read the Second Amendment if you read Heller, the decision that said Second Amendment said what the Second Amendment said, there’s nothing in there.”

“We’re not even talking about military-style weapons, banning them,” he added. “But even if you were to regulate them more, other states are doing it. The court hasn’t overruled those; haven’t said that’s unconstitutional whether you agree or disagree, that’s one thing. But to say that Second Amendment rights are being trampled on, that’s what everybody says. It’s a lie. It’s just a lie.”

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Authored by Trent Baker via Breitbart June 5th 2022