Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Reuters Poll: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Now ‘Essentially Tied’

Reuters and its pollster, Ipsos, now say the 2016 race is neck-and-neck, with Hillary Clinton holding a one-point lead over Donald Trump in their latest poll, which was conducted between Sept. 8 and Sept. 12.

According to the polling firm, which interviewed 1,760 Americans;

  • The race for the White House is essentially tied less than two months out from Election Day. Among likely voters, Hillary Clinton leads by 1 points (40% Clinton to 39% Donald Trump), down from a 2 point lead last week.
    • 20% of likely voters say they plan to vote for someone else, not vote for president or don’t know. This is about double the level seen in 2012.
    • Clinton and Trump are tied among likely voters on the 4-way ballot (Clinton 39%; Trump 39%; Johnson 8%; and Stein 2%) and among registered voters Clinton leads by 4 points (Clinton 40%; Trump 36%; Johnson 8%; and Stein 3%).
  • For the first time since just before the conventions, Clinton and Trump are viewed equally poorly by the American public. Clinton’s favorability score of 44% is statistically tied with Trump’s 43%.

The poll began before the public learned of Clinton’s claim that many Americans are “irredeemable” and learned of her worse-than-expected health.

Breitbart News

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