Report: Portland Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler Assaulted at Restaurant

Report: Portland Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler Assaulted at Restaurant

Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) was confronted and assaulted by a group of protesters Wednesday evening while he dined at a restaurant, according to police.

Local news reports stated that Wheeler was having dinner with a woman in the outdoor seating area of a northwest Portland restaurant when the protesters approached him.

“I think you need to leave,” Mr. Wheeler told a protester who filmed the incident, according to footage shared to social media by a “Defund the Police” account.

BLM-antifa extremists confronted Portland mayor Ted Wheeler while he was dining out last night. Serial-riot arrestee Tracy Molina was part of the mob. Shortly after this video, he was punched.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) January 7, 2021

“Are you comfortable?” the protester asked Wheeler. “I think you need to do your job as a f*cking mayor. I think you’re a disgrace. I think that everybody in this f*cking city thinks that you’re f*cking pathetic.”

“How old are you?” Wheeler asked in response. “I think you need to grow up.”

As the altercation heated up between Wheeler and the protesters, the man filming stated, “You are going to be made to feel like the scum you are.”

Portland Police told local ABC affiliate KATU that one protester punched Wheeler in the shoulder and fled the scene. While the assault was not captured on video, Wheeler can be heard in another video shared by another anti-police account claiming that someone assaulted him, as reported by the Oregonian.

Kyle Morris