Monday, December 9, 2019

Rashida Tlaib: ‘Maxine Waters Is a Shero of Mine’

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) this week revealed that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is her “shero.”

“Chairwoman Maxine Waters is a shero of mine,” Tlaib reportedly told Politico, adding that Waters has been “unwavering when it comes to holding corporations accountable.”

Waters was arguably the most vocal impeachment advocate in Congress before Tlaib arrived and, on her first day in Congress, vowed to “impeach the motherf**ker.”

Waters chairs the powerful House Financial Services Committee, and Tlaib is expected to get a seat on it.

After her “impeach the motherf**ker” remarks dominated news cycles, Tlaib revealed that Waters and Rep. Al Green (D-TX), who has also been incessantly making the case for impeachment, were actually “smiling” and telling her that they loved her “spirit.”

“I can tell you I’ve talked to a number of my colleagues, including Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Al Green and others who were very… smiling and telling me we love your spirit. We welcome it. Come to us if you ever need any help or advice,” Tlaib told a local Detroit news outlet. “And they agree that we need to impeach the president of the United States.”

Tlaib also praised “Auntie Maxine” on Twitter this week ahead of a formal announcement that she will join Waters’s Financial Services Committee, saying that Waters “always tells it like it is like our favorite auntie.”

You all know how I feel.

Khalto @RepMaxineWaters speaking truth.

— Rashida Tlaib (@RashidaTlaib) January 14, 2019

Btw, Khalto means auntie in Arabic. @RepMaxineWaters always tells it like it is like our favorite auntie.

— Rashida Tlaib (@RashidaTlaib) January 14, 2019

Waters, Tlaib’s “shero,” has led crowds in “impeach 45” chants and told MSNBC last year that she disagrees with her party’s leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who want to wait until Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is completed before taking a stand on impeachment.

“I respect that, but, however, I’m with the 70 percent [of Democrats who want Trump impeached]. I want him impeached,” Waters said then. “I think this is the most outrageous human being that could ever represent our country and of course when you take a look at the lies that he has told.”

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