Monday, August 19, 2019

Pro-Amnesty Group: Shutdown ‘About Racism,’ ‘Racist Rally Chant’

The director of one of the country’s top pro-amnesty organizations blasted President Donald Trump on Tuesday for shutting down the federal government to “keep his reputation as the tough guy who stands up for white people who want to keep out brown people.”

Frank Sharry of America’s Voice ripped the “damaging and absurd government shutdown” for not being “fundamentally about national security” or “fundamentally about immigration policy.”

Sharry claimed the shutdown is actually “about racism” and a “racist rally chant” that appeals to Americans who want to “make America white again.”

“If this was really about national security, we’d be talking about intelligence, radicalization, countering violent extremism by disrupting networks and modernizing terrorist watchlists. No serious national security expert obsesses about a border wall,” Sherry said in a statement. “If this was really about immigration policy, we’d be talking about modernizing our outdated immigration system in order to create a regulatory regime that manages immigration intelligently rather than represses it ineffectively.”

Sharry also called the “Build the Wall” chant often heard at Trump’s rallies a “racist rally chant” and accused Trump of appealing to “white grievance.”

“It’s about a racist rally chant. It’s about Trump appealing to white grievance by saying he is going to keep out the brown people with a medieval wall,” Sherry continued. “It’s about appealing to the lowest instincts of his base voters with the simplest and stupidest of prescriptions. It’s about Trump’s implied promise to stop the demographic changes underway to make America white again.”

Tony Lee

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