PHOTOS — ‘Perfect Match’: Michigan Trooper Gives Abandoned Dog Forever Home

photos perfect match michigan trooper gives abandoned dog forever home

A first responder with a big heart unexpectedly made a lifelong friend when answering a call in Antrim County, Michigan.

When Michigan State Police Trooper Kayla Moore responded to a call about an abandoned dog, she quickly scooped up the canine to keep her safe, ABC 12 reported Monday.

However, while the two were on their way to a local shelter, something neither could have imagined happened.

“Trooper Moore and the dog seemed to be a perfect match. When they arrived at the Antrim County Animal Shelter, Tpr. Moore filled out an application to adopt ‘Rosie’ to give her a forever home,” the police agency explained in a social media post on Sunday:

Moore brought Rosie home after she was cleared by the shelter to leave and begin her life over again.

Another image shows the Trooper and the pup enjoying a trip in her car with Rosie riding shotgun:

Social media users were quick to comment on the heartwarming story, one person writing, “Love this Kayla!!” while another said, “Great job look how happy these two are.”

The police agency said multiple dogs have been abandoned in the Jordan Valley area of the county in recent months. Those dogs are available for adoption for those willing to welcome them into their homes.

Anyone interested in adopting one of the animals may call 231-533-6421 for more information.

Common reasons why some pet owners abandon or give away their animals include not having enough time for them, a major life change, the pet’s health, behavioral problems, or financial issues, according to Four Paws.

However, the site describes pet adoption as “a way of giving a loving new home to a shelter animal – and maybe even saving its life.”

In June 2022, another first responder adopted a dog he rescued out of the sweltering heat on the side of a busy Tennessee roadway, Breitbart News reported.

#ICYMI Trooper Tudors has adopted the dog he rescued. His family named her #Princess. She is still receiving treatment at the facility until she can go to her #ForeverHome.

Posted by Tennessee Highway Patrol on Friday, June 24, 2022

“Trooper Tudors has adopted the dog he rescued. His family named her #Princess,” the Tennessee Highway Patrol noted in a social media post.

Authored by Amy Furr via Breitbart July 17th 2023