Pete Buttigieg Proposes National Federal IDs for Illegal Immigrants

Mayor Pete Buttigieg wants to create a national ID for illegal immigrants to make life easier for them in the United States.

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor proposed the idea while discussing his citywide program to give illegal immigrants an ID during the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Presidential Forum on Telemundo on Tuesday night.

“Nationally, I think we should make it possible for everybody to obtain identifications so that cities like mine don’t have to create solutions like this,” he said.

He lamented that it was difficult for illegal immigrants to be “excluded from the life of the community” because they were unable to get an ID in Indiana.

Instead, Buttigieg spearheaded a citywide ID program, issued by a Hispanic community organizing group. South Bend then forced the police department to recognize the ID and gave cardholders access to city buildings, public schools, and libraries, as well as other city services. The ID does not allow illegal immigrants to drive.

Buttigieg argued that the ID helped promote more immigration, which he said was necessary to keep the American population growing. He also promoted his concept of a fast-track visa for immigrants who agreed to live in certain areas of the country.

“Some communities just plain need people,” he said. “That is as important as creating jobs; it’s a chicken and egg. And if communities empty out, you begin to have a vicious cycle where communities can begin dying.”

Charlie Spiering

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