Ohio man kidnaps girlfriend's infant daughter, kills her in car crash while evading police

The man said he was feeling 'homicidal' before he kidnapped his girlfriend's 7-month-old daughter

An Ohio man who crashed a car with an abutted infant has been allegedly charged with murder, police say.

A Seneca County Grand Jury indicted 23-year-old Jonanthan Baker on kidnapping and aggravated murder charges on Wednesday, July 12 after he allegedly kidnapped his girlfriend's 7-month-old daughter.

According to the Tiffin Police Department, after kidnapping the young child Baker allegedly tore off in his bright yellow Camaro with a firearm in his possession on Tuesday, June 27.

ohio man kidnaps girlfriends infant daughter kills her in car crash while evading police

A 2013 yellow Chevrolet Camaro. Jonanthan Baker was charged for kidnapping and aggravated murder after he abducted his girlfriend's daughter and killed her. (GM Co.)

Baker had allegedly told his girlfriend, the young child's mother, that he was feeling homicidal and suicidal. Prior to the incident, he allegedly told her that he killed her baby, police said. 

An off-deputy officer with the Wood County Sheriff's Office notified Tiffin police that he had spotted Baker and followed the kidnapping suspect, police said. At one point, nearby Seneca County Sheriff’s Office deputies attempted to initiate a traffic stop after receiving the Camaro’s location from the off-duty officer – but the driver had other things in mind.


Police say that Baker "erratically" drove the Camaro at a high speed before crashing through a resident's front yard and into another residence, knocking it off its foundation.

A group of officers worked together to break the Camaro’s back window and before removing the infant and Baker. 

Both Baker and the girl were removed from the car and officers performed CRP before they were taken to a nearby hospital.

ohio man kidnaps girlfriends infant daughter kills her in car crash while evading police

Police say that the 7-month baby had been shot twice and died from her wounds. Jonanthan Baker allegedly abducted the child led police on a chase before crashing into a home. (Tiffin Police Department)

Police said infant succumbed to her injuries and died after her arrival in the hospital. Baker was transported by air to Toledo St. Vincent’s Hospital where he still is located in critical condition.

In a joint statement, prosecutors said that the baby’s autopsy revealed that she had been shot twice and died from the wounds.

"My heart breaks for the family of this innocent child. The Tiffin Police wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family," Tiffin police Chief David W. Pauly said. "This was an unfortunate tragedy today and these things also take its toll on our first responders. My thoughts and prayers are with them as well".

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Authored by Sarah Rumpf-Whitten via FoxNews July 14th 2023