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Obama ‘Frustrated’ By Black Voter Apathy To Hillary Clinton

President Barack Obama phoned in a pair of interviews with black radio hosts Wednesday, urging African-Americans to turn out for Hillary Clinton.

“One of things that I admit Frankie, I get a little frustrated by is sometimes I hear folks say, ‘Well we were so excited with Barack and we love Michelle’ and they take Hillary for granted,” Obama said in an interview with radio host Frankie Darcell.

Obama insisted that Clinton “walked the walk” on issues that African-American voters cared about and warned them that the future of his legacy was at stake.

“My concern is just making sure that folks, particularly African-American folks, don’t suddenly say, ‘You know we’re not as excited because Barack and Michelle are leaving and so we’re just not registering, we’re not going to vote,’” Obama said during an interview with Miami’s Rick Party and Benji Brown.

Obama repeated that the election was not a reality show, and suggested Clinton might not give them the “flash and sizzle” they were looking for.

He also warned young people from getting “complacent” even though he was confident that they would prefer Clinton over Trump.

“I don’t worry that they’re going to vote Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, of course they are, because they have some sense,” he said on Darcell’s show.

Obama said Trump’s entire message was about “looking backwards not forwards” and “that America is for some people and not all people.”

“I don’t know what he’s done, to help somebody other than himself,” he said.

He thanked the African-American community for supporting him as president, but warned listeners that all of the accomplishments that he had achieved could be rolled back by Trump.

“That work can be reversed and so if you believe in what I’ve done, then I need you to vote even though I’m not on the ballot,” he said.

During his Miami interview one of the hosts on the show pretended to be a young inner city woman who said she didn’t have a car.

“Don’t even think that people have an excuse not to vote,” Obama said, in response urging her to ride a bike or get a ride to the polls.

He revealed that his daughter Malia voted in the Democratic primary in Washington D.C. and told him it was “easy and quick.”

“This is as important as ’08, as important as 2012.” Obama said, “Let me tell you, if Donald Trump wins, everything we’ve worked for is going to be reversed.”

Charlie Spiering

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