NYC grand jury declines to indict man who stabbed, killed subway passenger

June 29 (UPI) — A man who stabbed a subway passenger to death in what he said was self-defense has had manslaughter and weapons charges against him dropped after a Brooklyn grand jury declined to indict him.

Jordan Williams, 20, had allegedly stabbed 36-year-old Devictor Quedraogo to death during an altercation on a train in Brooklyn on June 13.

A spokesperson for the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez told UPI by phone that the office is limited in speaking about the decision of the grand jury, which is a secret panel, but provided a brief statement confirming the charges had been dropped.

“Our office conducted an impartial and thorough investigation of this tragic case, which included review of multiple videos and interviews with all available witnesses, and that evidence was fairly presented to a grand jury. Today, the charges against Jordan Williams have been dismissed,” the spokesperson said.

“Under New York law, a person is justified in using deadly physical force when they reasonably believe it is necessary to use such force to defend themselves or others from imminent use of deadly or unlawful physical force.”

Law enforcement sources told WNBC that Quedraogo had been harassing multiple passengers and was acting belligerently on the train. According to the outlet, a toxicology report has been ordered for Quedraogo.

“We understand that this was a packed subway car during rush hour with dozens of witnesses,” Jason Goldman, an attorney for Williams, said in a statement earlier this month.

“We have spoken with some who have already confirmed that the victim was physically violent with others prior to and during this incident.”

At the time, Goldman questioned why Williams has not gotten the same treatment as Daniel Penny, who put a homeless man in a deadly chokehold in May.

Penny was allowed to voluntarily surrender and released from jail on bail. Penny has since been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, although the exact charges will not be unsealed until Penny is arraigned.

Authored by Upi via Breitbart June 28th 2023