No Soft Landing Means Own Hard Assets

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Last weekend my kind friends at Palisades Gold Radio, one of my favorite podcasts, invited me on for an interview.

In the interview, I tell host Tom Bodrovics that while I once predicted a market crash that hasn't materialized on my timetable, I've been taken aback by the market's unexpected tenacity. Yet, I stand by my assertion that the repercussions of our massive debt bubble are on the horizon, and I criticize monetary authorities for downplaying our looming crisis.

In our conversation, I voiced my concerns over the U.S.'s alarming $34 trillion debt and the economic policies that have led us here. The lack of insight and accountability from Congress is particularly troubling, and I argue that these missteps are setting us up for economic fallout. I'm also skeptical about the U.S. dollar's future as the premier global reserve currency, as my subscribers likely already know.

no soft landing means own hard assets

When it comes to investment, I point out the overvaluation in the tech sector and equities - as well as the divergence of gold from real rates - as evidence of a distorted economy out of balance. Looking ahead, I see market turmoil and talk about why I’m leaning into tangible assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin, predicting significant gains for gold and miners.

Despite my initial reservations about Bitcoin, I now ponder its durability and growing network, which strengthens its security against potential bans. I wrote about this topic at length this week here: Why I Bitcoin

I now foresee wider adoption of Bitcoin, including its integration into smartphones, and predict its value will rise, propelled by a weakening dollar and the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs.

Addressing political leadership around the world, I have my critiques of figures like Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden, but I'm encouraged by the rise of libertarians like Javier Milei in Argentina and the popularity of Nayib Bukele in El Salvador.

Lastly, I talk about U.S. liberal policies failing to properly maintain urban areas and manage border security. I believe these are solvable issues if there's a will to address them. I wrap up again talking about why I consider gold, silver mining, real estate, emerging markets, and Bitcoin as ways to weather what I see as an inevitable coming economic downturn.


no soft landing means own hard assets

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Authored by Quoth The Raven via ZeroHedge February 11th 2024