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Nike Outlet Calls Police on Man Waving Pro-Police Flag Outside Store

A Little Rock, Arkansas, Nike outlet called police last Friday after a man waving a pro-police flag appeared outside the store, a report says.

Little Rock resident Jimmie Cavin said he was incensed after Nike hired anti-police activist and former NFL player Colin Kaepernick as the face of its 30th anniversary”Just Do It” ad campaign. With his ire piqued, Cavin grabbed his pro-police, “blue-line” flag and headed down to the Little Rock Nike store to make his statement of support for the police.

“My priority is supporting law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics,” Cavin told the media according to IJR.com.

But employees at the Nike store called the police to have him carted off. Police officers said they were called by the Nike store manager who said that Cavin was disturbing the peace.

Officers spoke to Cavin but after a few minutes simply drove off leaving the man to his peaceful demonstration.

“So, Nike called the police on the guy supporting the police, for supporting the police,” Cavin said amazed at the irony of the situation.

Cavin has waved his flag in support of the police many times in the past in and around Little Rock and will continue to do so.

The Little Rock Nike store made no statement on the incident but a corporation spokesman said Nike recognizes Cavin’s right to peacefully demonstrate.

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