Muh White Supremacy™: Epstein-Friendly Dem. Rep. Accuses RFK Jr. of Racism!

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I reported yesterday at PJ Media that the Democrats were very busy this week devising schemes to prevent their own party-mate, RFK Jr., from freely testifying before Congress – testimony on, ironically, state censorship.

Now the brave and stunning representative of the Virgin Islands, Stacey Plaskett, having failed to keep RFK Jr. from publicly defending himself against her party's smears of something called "Anti-Semitism," has taken the opportunity at today's hearing to – and you'll be shocked to learn this – accuse him of racism!

I won't sadomasochistically work through the finer drudgeries of her convoluted accusations because, frankly, I'm not yet sufficiently caffeinated. While recycled and not inventive, her stupid points about White Supremacy™ are nonetheless quite tedious.

For instance, she blames RFK Jr. and others who tell the truth about the Public Health™ COVID-19 lies for black hesitancy to submit to the vaxx-them-all agenda – not the government's own lengthy history of lies and abuse.

If you want to sort through the rest of Plaskett's bullshit on your own, knock yourself out.

Plaskett, by the way, is the same individual who was recently caught soliciting money from Jeffrey Epstein in exchange for groveling loyalty.

Mind you: this was in 2018, over a decade after Epstein had been a convicted sex offender and after his predilection for trafficking children was common knowledge.

Via The Virgin Islands Consortium:

"Ms. Plaskett said that she was unaware of Epstein’s campaign contributions until after it was reported in the press subsequent to her campaign’s federal filing. However, newly unsealed evidence submitted by JPMorgan’s legal team show that Delegate Plaskett in 2018, had personally requested that an invitation to her Bloomberg fundraiser be sent to Epstein. “I would be grateful for his support and the support of those that he may direct to assist me,” she wrote.

Plaskett is perhaps best known, though, for her performance in Congress in defense of state censorship, in which she smeared Matt Taibbi, one of the most accomplished and principled journalists in the world, as a "so-called journalist." She also later threatened Taibbi with prison for accidentally mixing up one alphabet agency acronym once – as if the labyrinthine technocratic maze of government acronyms isn't absurdly complicated for anyone to get right all the time.

And she did it all – as she reminded everyone repeatedly at today's censorship hearing – for something called Democracy™!

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Authored by Tdb via ZeroHedge July 20th 2023