Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Monday Night Football Preview: Kaepernick Sits on the Bench after Sitting for the Anthem

Football’s opening weekend concludes tonight with games in both Landover and Santa Clara.

Let’s take a look at the Monday Night Football doubleheader.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins

What better place for a player from “the movement” to make a stand, on Monday Night Football, in the nation’s capital?

The Steelers enter this game pretty banged-up with two defensive linemen hurt, end Cam Heyward (high ankle sprain) and nose tackle Javon Hayward (leg injury). The status of each is unclear. Starting receiver Markus Wheaton is out.

The Redskins are very healthy, at home, and possess a potent passing attack, against a Steelers team not strong at cornerback.

The Redskins should figure out a way to win this tough match-up.

Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and safety Eric Reid protest the police by not standing for the anthem. Maybe the fans should protest the 49ers because they look awful.

And if they didn’t have enough of a distraction caused by the Kaepernick, a man who wears a Fidel Castro t-shirt and claims to care about oppressed people, now their starting right guard, Anthony Davis, reportedly considers retirement, for the second time.

The Rams are doing the right thing not starting rookie quarterback Jared Goff, who isn’t ready.

And steady veteran QB Case Keenum, who will hold-the-fort (as Bill Parcells loves to say), until the kid is ready, should be able to manage the game, and lead the Rams to a win over a house-divided (if you don’t think there are San Francisco players dismayed with Kaepernick and Reid, you are kidding yourself) 49ers.

Daniel Leberfeld