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Missouri Governor-Elect’s Wife Robbed at Gunpoint in St. Louis Parking Lot

The wife of Missouri Governor-elect Eric Greitens (R) was robbed at gunpoint in a restaurant parking lot in St. Louis, police report.

Sheena Greitens was sitting in her car looking at her cell phone outside Cafe Ventana near the campus of St. Louis University when robbers abruptly opened her car door, shoved a gun in her face, and demanded her valuables:

Tonight, my wife Sheena—the mother of my two boys, and the future First Lady of Missouri—was robbed at gunpoint. https://t.co/ee57u7zlq9

— Eric Greitens (@EricGreitens) December 6, 2016

The 34-year-old mother of two told police that she complied with their demands and gave up her cell phone and laptop computer.

St. Louis police said in a statement that three teens, ages 12, 15, and 19, were arrested in connection with the robbery.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, police tracked the phone of a second robbery victim to a car where the three suspects were hiding their loot. The tracking led to an arrest.

In a video posted to his Facebook account, former Navy SEAL and Gov-elect Greitens said he is thankful to God his wife lived through the harrowing situation:

Greitens explained the incident further in another Facebook post:

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