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MILO Praises USN On Pearl Harbour Anniversary: ‘Long May It Guard The Freedom Of Us All’

Breitbart Senior Editor, MILO appeared at Michigan State University tonight giving a speech about Islam titled “Reclaiming Constantinople” where he discussed Islam’s warlike history with the west, and the multiple attempts of Muslim empires to conquer the European continent.

Speaking about the recent anniversary of the Pearl Harbour attacks MILO said, “For most of those recent centuries, it was my homeland’s glorious British Navy who deserved most of the credit, and in the middle of the last century, we gloried in that. Britain has gone down the path of leftist guilt for its imperial past, but I’m glad the United States is still proud of its military history.”

“But of course, since that fateful day 75 years ago, the baton has passed from the Royal Navy to your own glorious U.S. Navy. Long may it guard the freedom of us all. Let’s not forget the Navy has given this country leaders like John Fitzgerald Kennedy and more recently, Stephen K. Bannon.”

MILO continued, “I’ve personally been wondering why leftists only compare Trump to Hitler, and never to Japan’s Emperor Hirohito. I guess they are racist against Asians.”

“We’ll return to the war theme in a bit, I have to touch on your school and the state of Michigan.” said MILO, “One of the favorite things I’ve learned about Michigan State is that they set up a “Women’s course” in 1896. It sounds like the first gender studies department! But when I looked into it, they taught women home economics, liberal arts, and science. So the women’s course was actually a useful degree! It actually teaches something productive!”

“Not like most women’s studies degree, which prepare students for online begging.” quipped MILO.

Written from prepared remarks.

Watch the full event below.

Lucas Nolan

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