Friday, June 5, 2020
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Milo At Texas Tech: Hillary Can’t Handle The Texas Heat

Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos began the first stop on his Dangerous Faggot tour at Texas Tech today to thunderous applause and cheers from a room of his fans as Milo talked about Hillary Clinton, Lesbians and hate crime hoaxes.

“It’s good that it’s hot in Texas, it means Hillary Clinton won’t be visiting anytime soon” said Milo to cheers from the audience

“If she’s falling apart at a “75 and breezy” weather forecast I’m not sure she’d manage your climate outside, that would leave her a little overheated. We have to say overheated of course because anything else is a right wing conspiracy.”

“Huffington Post fired somebody for daring to ask a question about Hillary Clinton’s health, they didn’t just fire him but they removed all of his articles from the internet, they took everything he’d ever written for the Huffington Post offline. Because he said is Hillary well?”

“Well it turns out The Washington Post thinks maybe actually this is a really big electoral issue now and I think it probably is. Speaking of which does anyone else get the sense that Hillary’s relationship with Huma is something like Oprah’s relationship with Gayle? The gays in the room will know what I mean.”

“I do try to stay away from the subject of Hillary because I don’t want to be the subject of an unfortunate bus accident in the next few days, I mean I understand that people who reveal embarrassing information about her have a habit of ending up in several pieces on the freeway which is just a horrible series of complete accidents.”

“She called a couple of us a “basket of deplorables” do you remember that? I mean I was so proud I almost changed the name of my tour, I was going to call myself a deplorable faggot! But we’d already done the bus unfortunately, have you seen the bus isn’t it lovely?” referring to the Dangerous Faggot tour bus which Milo will be travelling in during his tour.

Watch the full stream of Milos talk by following this link.

Lucas Nolan