Saturday, April 20, 2019
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MILO And Crew Infiltrate Protesters At Michigan State University

Breitbart Senior Editor MILO delivered a speech at Michigan State University this evening entitled “Reclaiming Constantinople.” Ahead of the talk, MILO and his tour crew infiltrated a group of left-wing protesters attempting to block the entrance to the lecture hall.


MILO and his tour staff including Breitbart’s Mike Ma, Matt Perdie, Hunter Swogger and @Sadieissonfire dressed in dark clothes and ski masks, successfully infiltrating the group of angry protesters.

After holding their placards and chanting slogans for some time, MILO then removed his ski mask to reveal the joke, to angry yells from protesters and cheers from MILO fans waiting in line outside the venue.



The undercover group held large anti-MILO placards featuring the phrases, “MILO SUCKS”, “ISLAM IS LOVE” and “F*** RACEISM” (deliberately misspelled). Another sign read “FAKE GAY GO AWAY.”


The group infiltrated the mob of protesters successfully and made it into the hall unharmed. After MILO’s team discarded their “ISLAM IS LOVE” placard, a real protester picked it up — and started using it unironically!


Watch a full video of MILO’s stealth operation below.

Lucas Nolan

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